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The Safe Space Subscription

A safe space to chat with me twice a month when you need it.

  • 30 min
  • 88 Australian dollars
  • Broadbeach

Service Description

I want to provide this service to my clients as a lot of us have no one to talk to, we often feel alone when are going through these hard times. Often we can't even discuss the hard stuff, we can't share with family or our best friends. I want you to think of this in two ways: 1: A safe space to share what you need help with: When you see a psychologist or a therapist, what is spoken about in those four walls is completely safe and confidential. This is of utmost importance to me. Your trust. My goal here is to help you through these specific moments in your life, I've found in my years of doing this, sometimes we really need someone in our corner that is outside of friends and family. So having two calls in the month will always be in the back of your mind when you're going through these periods. 2: The opportunity to let me realign you if you've slipped on the tracks: The other context of this service I want you to feel into is that I want you to see this subscription based opportunity like a gym membership for your brain. We go to the gym to keep in shape, feel better and often space that gets us away from our lives. That one hour can change your whole day even if the whole day has been an emotional nightmare. So call me to engage when you need it, call me to get out of a pattern with your relationship and you feel mentally stuck of how to do it, or even if your mind is attacking you with your limiting beliefs and making you feel anxious, whatever it may be, use these opportunities in the month to give yourself a break and check in with me so I can realign you with what you need. You've got someone on your side now, someone in your corner. Book in to set aside time dedicated just for you.

Contact Details

  • Broadbeach QLD, Australia

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